Apprenticeship Myth-busting Pt.2

The demand for apprentices in England is rising quickly, and this surge can come with some misinformation and confusion. We’ve cleared that up in our previous blogpost but now comes the important part… why YOU need an apprentice!

Today we’re going to talk about the benefits an apprentice can have on your business. As mentioned in our previous blogpost, be aware that this doesn’t have to be an outside hire. You can onboard or upskill some of your existing staff instead. This can be more affordable and can be a huge morale boost to your organisation. Investing in your staff can help strengthen the team and create a better, more enthusiastic work environment.

What if you want to hire someone new?

Well recruitment also has it’s benefits, it gives you the ability to expand your workforce at an affordable price point, and the new staff you’re hiring could be trained to address your company’s skills shortages. If your company is struggling with their online presence, hire a digital marketer and have someone within your team dedicated to making your company shine online!

If your company is conscious of their energy usage, and would like to cut down on energy bills (who wouldn’t?) you should think about a Junior energy Manager, this apprenticeship will enable you to have a team member dedicated to reducing the energy consumption in your business, putting in place the a plan to get your company to net zero.