Our Training & Apprenticeships

A few facts about Training & Apprenticeships. 

Did you know that apprenticeships are available to existing staff as well as new employees?  Anyone in work on PAYE, over 16, in any job can enroll on a course as long as they work in England. Our oldest learner is 74 and a Chief Operating Officer!

For SME’s the Government will pay 95% of the cost of the training and qualifications, and every employer can enroll up to 10 staff on courses at any one time.  That means that every employer can access up to £120,000 to upskill their staff. Other incentives are also available, which makes accessing the training really easy and affordable.  In some cases, employers pay as little as £13 a month.

Large employers pay an additional tax (Levy) to fund their training.  It is a use it or lose it situation, so make sure if you are paying the Levy, you spend it!

At Impact Academy, all our training is delivered virtually via Zoom.  So there is no need to go to college, your employees stay within the workplace.


Level 3 - Junior Energy Manager

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Level 3 – Digital Marketer


Level 2 - Customer Service Practitioner


Level 3 – Housing and Property Management

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Level 3 – Digital Community Manager


Level 4 – Community Energy Specialist

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Level 3 – Content Creator


Level 4 – Associate Project Manager


Level 5 – Operations / Departmental Manager

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Level 2 – Housing & Property Management Assistant

Employer/Learner off the job support

Supporting your apprenticeship journey...

The GROW Model

The GROW model sits at the core of our delivery model allowing learners to focus on how they can achieve individual goals set as part of their overall apprenticeship programme and identify support required. The model is a simple four-step process that supports goal-setting and adds an effective structure to coaching sessions.. The Grow Model will form the basis of each coaching session you attend over the course of your apprenticeship.
  • Goal: The goal is where you want to be. The goal should be defined in such a way that it’s clear when you have achieved it.
  • Reality: The reality is where you are currently. What are the challenges and how far are you away from your goal?
  • Obstacles and Options: There will be obstacles preventing you from getting where you want to go. If there are no obstacles, you would have aleady have reached your goal! Once the obstacles have been identified, you can explore the options to overcome them.
  • Way Forward: Once you’ve identified your options, they can be converted into action steps that will take you towards your goal.

There are also some self-reflection questions towards the end of the document that you should complete after each coaching session. This will not only further support your professional development but will also count towards your ‘off-the-job’ learning.


Quality Assurance

Quality underpins the development of the apprenticeship and we’ve used a number of tools and strategies to ensure we meet our objective of making the apprenticeship compliant and fit for purpose.

We have used a guided learning hour (GLH) calculator to ensure the apprenticeship has the required number GLHs and meets the 20% off-the-job rule. We’ve also created a mapping matrix that shows where the apprenticeship maps ot each element of the standard over the 18 months.

To aid continuous review and quality improvement, we’ve provided tutors with a thorough review template for each workshop.

Our eLearning Platform

  • Accessible 24/7
  • Full access to all course resources
  • Learners reminded of all current and outstanding tasks set by their tutor
  • Ability to log learning hours and off-the-job hours
  • Upload assignments and other tasks
  • Communicate with tutor and other learners
  • Self evaluate confidence throughout the programme using Skills Scan
  • Access to live and recorded webinars and Q&A sessions
  • All course documentation contained in one system including Individual Learning Plans

Our aim is to support organisations to 
develop talent  
for a greener future

We specialise in Energy and supporting individuals with a desire to pursue a career in the Energy sector, including being the first national energy apprenticeship training provider offering Junior Energy Manager Level 3. We work with some of the UK’s top organisations in the public sector, construction and travel.