Celebrating and highlighting the amazing work that our learners are doing is so important to us.. Our monthly Star Learner award is designed to recognise outstanding work and engagement from learners within their respective courses! We have so much talent in our ranks and its about time we spoke about it!

How do we choose

  • Communication
  • Quality of submitted tasks/assignments
  • Contributions in learning sessions
  • Application in workplace
  • Engagement with learning/ Programme
  • Resilience/ Determination
  • Attendance

- Felix Louis Orchard - Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability


Introducing Our March STAR Learner: Felix Louis Orchard!

Join us in celebrating the remarkable achievements of Felix, our shining STAR Learner for March!

We told Felix the good news and this is what he had to say -

"I am delighted to accept this award! Impact Academy have provided me with a great foundation whereby I’ve been able to learn about the important role sustainability plays in Broadacres and other businesses. I am looking forward to progressing with my course over the coming years and achieving my level 4 qualification in Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability."

A big thank you to Felix for doing so well and embodying the essence of a STAR Learner, and an equally big thank you to the Broadacres team for such amazing support

Well done Felix, keep up the amazing work!


Introducing Our February STAR Learner: Alun Morris!

Join us in celebrating the remarkable achievements of Alun Morris, our shining STAR Learner for February!

Alun Morris is not just a community energy specialist for Bolton@Home; he's a driving force behind positive change in our community. With not one, not two, but four community projects currently underway, Alun exemplifies dedication and passion in his work.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Alun is deeply engaged in multiple community initiatives, demonstrating his commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

What truly sets Alun apart is his unwavering dedication to learning and growth. Despite his busy schedule, he has never missed a teaching session, and his proactive approach to his learning journey is truly inspiring.

Let's give Alun a round of applause for his outstanding contributions and for embodying the essence of a STAR Learner!


Well Done Alun, keep up the Amazing work!

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