Apprenticeship Myth-busting

Apprenticeship Myth Busting

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The first installment of blog posts will dispel the myths in the apprenticeship world!
Apprenticeships are growing rapidly in the UK, and with good reason. The ability to earn while you learn seems way more appealing than conventional education routes.
The amount of people in apprenticeships has grown by 17.9% from 2020-2021 in England, but there’s still a cloud of confusion and some people don’t know what to expect before, during and after the course, so we’re going to clear up some of that fog for you right now.

Lets start off with something that everyone talks about, age! Apprenticeships are open to people over the age of 16. But there is NO upper age limit! The term ‘apprentice’ refers to a person undertaking training, and is often misinterpreted as someone lacking in experience. Some standards and employers can request a minimum criteria for an applicant, however generally speaking there are no qualifications or experience required to start an apprenticeship, and they can be anybody within your organisation! Even CEO’s can be an apprentice. We cannot stress enough how open the programs are, whether you are a manager who is looking for CPD or an intern who wants to develop your skills within your sector, apprenticeships could be the route for you!

Next up we have price! So many people are turned off from hiring and being an apprentice because they think it will be too expensive, but its actually very affordable!
The Government has released an incentive for England based business that can help support your training costs. If the business you work for is a non-levy payer, the government will fund 95% of training costs. It seems too good to be true right? It’s not! You can even onboard existing staff to an apprenticeship. Upskilling existing staff is an alternative to hiring new people as your current staff will be able to learn a new role and already have an idea of how your business works. Not only saving time, but saving money too!