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Inspiring Sustainable Futures

Since 2012 we have been providing education and training to individuals as well as Public, Private and Third sector organisations.

We pride ourselves on the reputation we have built and the commitment we continue to follow which is to deliver high-quality programmes that contribute to a sustainable future for everyone.  At the beginning of 2020 we set out our sustainability strategy with the aim of becoming the first true Net Zero education provider in the country. We aim to achieve this by 2025.

We signed off our mission statement; our vision is to develop the most sustainable, energy efficient, carbon negative society possible. We aim to do this by becoming the leading training provider of choice, continuing to support individuals and organisations with all things green and beyond.

Know Who We Are

About our company

We were the first provider to deliver the Junior Energy Manager Level 3 Apprenticeship, and we work with some of the countries leading organisations to enable them to meet their commitments to the Government’s 2030 and 2050 sustainability agenda. We strive to provide training to develop talent for a greener future, but whilst energy apprenticeships are the core of our business, we also offer qualifications in the digital, Business, Leadership, Teaching and Housing sectors too.

Our Mission

Our goal is to be known as the number one education and training provider for Impact (Environmental, Social and Governance). Through our education and training offer, Impact Academy offers sector specialisms across Sustainability and Energy, Digital, Housing and Business. Coupled with outstanding delivery and excellent customer service, Impact Academy is positioned to support businesses with a range of workforce training programmes and apprenticeships, whilst supporting local labour markets to increase employment and subsequent standards of living. Our Impact goes beyond just education and training!

Managing Risks with Energy Efficiency Awareness

Raise awareness of the importance of training the workforce on sustainability and energy efficiency, enabling businesses to manage associated risks in a more effective way.

Making Energy Efficiency a Core Element of Mandatory Training

Lobby government to make sustainability and energy efficiency a mandatory element of all training alongside Safeguarding, Prevent and British Values, Health & Safety and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

Empowering Change

Promote the positive influence our programmes are having on individuals and organisations quantifying the economic and social impacts.

Leading Sustainability in Adult Education

Become in leader in promoting sustainability within the Adult Education sector by writing and implementing a Net Zero carbon strategy with the aim of achieving this by 2025.

Leading the Way

Become the first education establishment in the country to gain accreditation for social impact and promote the value of this within the adult education sector.

Building Business-Oriented Programs and Pathways for Economic Growth

Work with partner organisations to develop a greater breadth of sustainability and energy related programmes aligned to the needs of business and supporting economic growth whilst also developing a range of progression routes.

Embracing Sustainability and Efficiency

Position ourselves to be available, participate in and, where possible, lead on all government and sector lead consultations and pilots relating to a more sustainable and energy efficient approach to the delivery of education and training.

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