Impact Academy offers a range of training solutions, that can be tailored to your needs and aspirations...


Impact Academy apprenticeships offer learners the opportunity to combine on-the-job training with formalised education, leading to a nationally recognised qualification, whilst developing industry experience in your chosen sector.

We work closely with businesses across a range of sectors and industries, providing assistance before, during and after apprenticeship delivery, helping you develop the skills needed to thrive. 

Unemployed Programmes

Our short-term programmes and traineeships offer individuals the opportunity to gain the required prerequisite employment criteria needed for obtaining employment in their chosen field. Impact Academy provide bespoke support to individual learners through informal information, advice and guidance, through to 1-1 mentoring and post-course support.

Our range of courses and programmes allow individuals to select programmes suited to their aspirations and needs.

Impact Virtual Academy

With the population increasingly becoming more accustomed to using technology from a younger age and we are also seeing a significant increase in the use of technology in over the over 50’s population, everything is quickly becoming digitalised and being tailored to this new generation. Impact Academy has recently launched our online learning platform. We can put together a bespoke package of learning, whether that be further development or skill specific courses to meet your individual requirements for upskilling in your current role, or for future progression through to managing a comprehensive induction programme that can be tailored to your organisational requirements.  All learning is completed online with access to online tutors and discussion boards to support the learning journey.