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Our guide to Off The Job Hours

Learners are required to complete and record a set number of Off The Job Hours (OTJ) as a mandatory opart of your apprenticeship Program. This allows us to track your progress throughout your apprenticeship.

Impact Academy

Our full list of courses

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing utilises online platforms and strategies to promote products, services, or brands, targeting a vast audience and maximising reach in the digital realm.

Content Creator

A content creator is an individual who produces and shares engaging and valuable content across various mediums, such as social media, blogs, or videos, to captivate and connect with their audience.

Junior Energy Manager

A junior energy manager assists in implementing energy efficiency initiatives, analysing consumption patterns, and identifying opportunities for cost savings within an management program.

Buildings Energy Manager

A junior energy manager apprentice is an aspiring professional who undergoes practical training and mentorship, assisting senior energy managers in executing energy management tasks, analysing data, and developing sustainable solutions for efficient energy usage.

Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

The apprentice in Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability actively participates in initiatives to drive ethical business practices and promote social and environmental sustainability within the organisation.

Housing & Property Management

The Housing & Property Management apprentice supports the team in managing properties, handling tenant inquiries, and ensuring the smooth operation of residential or commercial real estate, acquiring valuable industry experience along the way.

Senior Housing & Property Manager

As a Senior Housing & Property Manager apprentice, you will receive advanced training and mentorship to develop expertise in overseeing property operations, managing leasing processes, and ensuring high-quality resident experiences in a senior housing setting.

Learning & Skills Mentor

The Learning & Skills Mentor apprentice supports individuals in their educational journey, providing guidance, motivation, and practical assistance to help them develop their learning skills and achieve their academic goals.

Learning & Skills Assessor

The Learning & Skills Assessor apprentice supports the assessment and development of individuals’ abilities, providing guidance and feedback to help them acquire new skills and knowledge in their chosen field.

Learning & Skills Teacher

The Learning & Skills teacher apprentice assists experienced educators in facilitating engaging and effective learning experiences, supporting students’ development of knowledge, skills, and abilities in a specific subject or field.

Teaching Assistant

The teaching assistant apprentice supports classroom instruction and assists teachers in creating a positive learning environment, gaining practical experience in facilitating student engagement and academic support.

Learning & Development Practitioner

The Learning & Development Practitioner apprentice supports the design and delivery of training programs, aids in assessing learning needs, and assists in creating engaging learning materials to enhance employee development and performance within the organisation.

Sales Executive

The Sales Executive apprentice learns essential sales techniques, builds client relationships, and supports the sales team in achieving targets, gaining valuable experience in the dynamic field of sales.

Improvement Specialist

The Improvement Specialist apprentice works closely with experienced professionals to learn and apply strategies for enhancing processes, identifying inefficiencies, and driving continuous improvement within an organisation.

Improvement Leader

The Improvement Leader apprentice plays a vital role in driving continuous improvement initiatives within an organisation, working closely with teams to identify inefficiencies, implement process enhancements, and foster a culture of innovation and productivity.

Improvement Practitioner

The Improvement Practitioner apprentice works alongside experienced professionals, utilising problem-solving and analytical skills to identify opportunities for process improvement and implement effective strategies within the organisation.

Impact Virtual Academy

Impact Academy has recently launched our online learning platform. We can put together a bespoke package of learning, whether that be further development or skill specific courses to meet your individual requirements for upskilling in your current role, or for future progression through to managing a comprehensive induction programme that can be tailored to your organisational requirements.  All learning is completed online with access to online tutors and discussion boards to support the learning journey.

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A Few Facts About Training & Apprenticeships

Did you know that apprenticeships are available to existing staff as well as new employees?  Anyone in work on PAYE, over 16, in any job can enroll on a course as long as they work in England. Our oldest learner is 74 and a Chief Operating Officer!

For SME’s the Government will pay 95% of the cost of the training and qualifications, and every employer can enroll up to 10 staff on courses at any one time.  That means that every employer can access up to £120,000 to upskill their staff. Other incentives are also available, which makes accessing the training really easy and affordable.  In some cases, employers pay as little as £13 a month.

Large employers pay an additional tax (Levy) to fund their training.  It is a use it or lose it situation, so make sure if you are paying the Levy, you spend it!

At Impact Academy, all our training is delivered virtually via Zoom.  So there is no need to go to college, your employees stay within the workplace.

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